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Together International
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Grand Rapids MI 49523

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Stephan and Belinda Bauman founded Together International in 2004 to empower vulnerable people to lead their own change. Since 2004, Together International has partnered with twelve communities in Eastern Nicaragua in bringing sustainable water. In 2015 Together International launched One Million Thumbprints (1MT), a grassroots campaign catalyzing a groundswell of people focused on overcoming the effects of war against women through storytelling, advocacy, and fundraising. The volunteer peacemakers of One Million Thumbprints envision a world where women are free from the fear of violence, oppression, and poverty caused by war. 

Too often we seek to be a voice for the voiceless when we should be clearing the way for the voiceless to speak for themselves. Together International believes the most vulnerable can become agents in bringing their own change. Join us as we change how we change the world.

When you join us, you join them. 

Thee lift me and I lift thee and we’ll ascend together.
— J.G. Whittier