Together International empowers vulnerable people to lead their own change. Sometimes we think of people as victims without the capacity and potential to change their world. Too often we seek to be a voice for the voiceless when we should be clearing the way for the voiceless to speak for themselves. But what if the vulnerable were empowered to speak? To Dream? To lead?  What if their change was so profound that it changed us too?

Today we are seeing an emergence of extraordinary people, many nameless and faceless, who are leading sustainable change in places like the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua or the war-torn countryside of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cofounders, Stephan and Belinda Bauman, believe change starts from those who are closest to the problem. When they dream, we dream. When they take up the mantle, we follow. And when they lead change, the world wins.  

Join them. Join us. We are better, together.